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What to Consider Before Hard Landscaping?

When someone walks to the front or back of your home, the first thing that is visible to them is your garden. What can be more pleasing than to see a beautifully landscaped garden! With flowers and plants around, the garden may look like a carefully manicured paradise. There is an underlying foundation that holds all of this flora together. It includes the pathways, walls, terraces and patios. Together, these structures constitute hard landscaping.

Hard landscaping is an important part of the structure of a garden and essentially uses stones and metal instead of soil and plants. Aside from being attractive, hard landscape should be functional and sturdy. It visually unites the main building structure and the rest of the garden. There are six elements to consider when you go for hard landscaping.

  • Budget: Abide by a well thought of budget for the project. Your budget determines the products that you will use and the extent you will go to, in the landscaping work. Consult professionals. It will always be helpful in comparing rates in the market and help you choose the right service provider.
  • Quality: The quality of the materials cannot be compromised. Weathering and natural wear and tear will happen over the time. It is very important to use the best quality material at the beginning, rather than having to pay for fixing damages later. Drainage: No matter how expensive materials you have bought or how brilliant your plan is, poor drainage system will ruin everything. Paved areas near the house should be built with a slope in a gentle angle away from the structure. This will ensure that rainwater flows away from the house and also prevent flooding, close to the foundation.
  • Maintenance: Hard landscape needs regular maintenance. This will keep it beautiful and strong for a long time. Look for areas of immediate attention and fix them before you have to spend a fortune on the repair work.

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